DNC Chair Statement on Older Americans Month

DNC Chair Jaime Harrison and DNC Senior Council Chair Steve Regenstreif issued the following statement on the start of Older Americans Month: 

“We all walk a path paved by those who came before us. America’s seniors have built legacies, made sacrifices, and taught us lessons that we carry forward. During Older Americans Month, we honor their profound impact on our nation and communities and recommit ourselves to those who have educated and encouraged us. Their years of hard work, devotion to family, and commitment to community laid the foundation for our success, and that is why — under President Biden and Vice President Harris — we are making significant investments in our seniors.

“Under President Biden’s leadership, we capped the cost of insulin at $35 per month for seniors on Medicare, acted to lower prescription drug costs, and made hearing aids available over the counter without a prescription — and that’s just the start. While extreme MAGA Republicans threaten to cut Medicare and Social Security, Democrats are committed to defending these vital programs that millions of seniors depend on.   

“America’s seniors have worked hard and still have so much more to give. That’s why Democrats up and down the ballot are fighting to protect and expand benefits for our senior citizens so that they can retire with the knowledge that the nation they worked so hard and so long for has their backs. They deserve a leader in the White House who uplifts their voices, celebrates their accomplishments, and provides them with the resources to continue thriving. This November, the choice is clear: for our grandparents, our parents, and our own futures, we must reelect President Biden and Vice President Harris.”