DNC Chair Statement on Pope Francis’ Address to Congress

Washington, D.C. – DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz released the following statement today in response to Pope Francis' address to Congress:

“The opportunity to hear directly from Pope Francis during his address to a Joint Meeting of Congress today was a true honor. I believe his messages of social and economic justice, environmental stewardship, and compassion for immigrants and refugees resonate with all Americans regardless of their political stripes or their faith background.

“In particular, I was very moved when he said ‘if we want security, let us give security; if we want life, let us give life; if we want opportunities, let us provide opportunities. The yardstick we use for others will be the yardstick which time will use for us.’

“These values are what Democrats fight for day in and day out – access to the cornerstones of a middle class life for all through quality health care, a solid education, economic mobility, and retirement security.

“I send Pope Francis well wishes and safe travels on his continued journey of hope, compassion, and fairness to New York and Philadelphia, and thank him again for addressing Congress.”