DNC Chair Statement on Reports That John Kasich is Suspending his Campaign for President

“With Governor Kasich out of the race, any remaining hope the GOP had of concealing its true colors behind his comparatively friendly-faced candidacy has evaporated. But make no mistake, the extreme policies for which he has long fought, are virtually indistinguishable from those of Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and the rest of the modern Republican Party.

“Under Kasich, Ohio’s job growth has trailed the national average for 40 straight months. He promised to fight any federal increase in the minimum wage. And he has one of the most extreme anti-choice records of any governor in the country, having signed legislation that shut down half the abortion clinics in his state.

“For years, Republican leaders have employed a divisive political strategy to compel people to vote out of distrust, suspicion and hate – rewarding those at the top and denigrating women, minorities, the LGBT community and more in the process. The result is the cynical, divided, bickering Republican base we see now. Today, the only energy left in the Republican primary isn’t for anything, it’s againsteverything that doesn’t line up with their extreme views. The obstruction and broken government we’re seeing in Washington is the result.

“The contrast couldn’t be more stark. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are fighting for the American people – for higher wages, for more opportunity, for a level playing field and for a brighter future. Our voters are energized, enthusiastic, and optimistic because our candidates are committed to moving America forward. And that’s why we’re going to win on Election Day in November.”