DNC Chair Statement on South Carolina Primary Results

WASHINGTON — DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz released the following statement on the results of the South Carolina Democratic primary:
“I want to congratulate tonight’s winner, Hillary Clinton, on her victory in the South Carolina primary, and both of our campaigns for their spirited engagement with Palmetto State voters. Both of our candidates have campaigned with heart, and offered smart and substantive visions for moving our country forward. They’ve shown in South Carolina and to voters across the country that they have the right priorities — priorities that match the values, hopes and dreams of the American people.
“That’s why we’ve consistently seen that our two candidates have turned out nearly as many voters and caucus goers as the far larger field of Republican hopefuls, even surpassing the five GOP candidates in Nevada. Meanwhile, Republican turnout has been driven by a theatrical screaming match, featuring childish and insulting behavior, with zero attention paid to the the real concerns of the American people.
“With Super Tuesday just a few days away, the contrast between our candidates and the field of Republicans couldn’t be clearer.
“The Republican establishment can try to run away from their front-runner, but they created him. The reigning Republican philosophy of a government so small it can’t or won’t respond in crises like Katrina or Flint, their obsession with an economic policy centered on tax cuts for the wealthy, and their obstruction in Washington has led them to the looming nomination of Donald Trump. Every passing week of this election cycle shows Americans that we must elect a Democrat as the 45th President of the United States.”