DNC Chair Statement on the Death of former First Lady Nancy Reagan

WASHINGTON – DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz issued the following statement on the death of former First Lady Nancy Reagan:

“I join millions of Americans today in mourning the passing of former First Lady Nancy Reagan. Mrs. Reagan understood the enormous responsibility that comes with representing our nation from the White House on the world stage, and she was beloved by the American people for her grace and dignity in that role. 

“Her ‘Just Say No’ campaign to keep children from abusing drugs had a long-lasting impact that no doubt saved lives. And her work later in life to support the National Alzheimer’s Association and stem cell research helped advance the science of finding a cure for a devastating disease that affects millions of American families every day.

“As we celebrate her life and legacy as a partner, confidant and advisor to President Reagan, and as a leader and philanthropist in her own right, we should also honor her passing by reflecting on the progress we can make when our elected officials work together across the aisle, as the Reagan administration did on issues ranging from immigration to nuclear arms control, making our people more prosperous and our nation more secure.”