DNC Chair Statement on Tonight’s Democratic Debate in Flint, Michigan

WASHINGTON — DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz released the following statement following tonight’s Democratic Debate in Flint, Michigan:
“Throughout this campaign, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have shown they have the right priorities – priorities that match the values, hopes and dreams of the American people, including in Flint and communities like it across the country.
“That’s exactly what we saw tonight when our candidates took the stage. They not only dealt with the issues confronting the people of Flint directly and honestly, but also tackled the concerns of hard-working people across the country who are looking for leadership on a host of issues, from gun violence to ensuring everyone in America gets a fair shot.
“It’s a stark contrast from what we saw when the Republican candidates embarrassed themselves at their Detroit debate just three nights ago and disrespected the people of Flint by barely acknowledging the water crisis. It was one more example of why we have to elect a Democrat as our next President in November.”