DNC Chair Statement on Tonight’s Primary Results

WASHINGTON – Tonight, voters went to the polls in five states. In Pennsylvania, exit polling showed that 71 percent of Democratic voters felt their primary had energized the party while 58 percent of Republican voters said their primary had divided the party – nearly the same in both cases as what New Yorkers reported last week. DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz issued the following statement on tonight’s results: 
“Ranting and raving his way to five primary victories tonight, Donald Trump has secured his chokehold on the Republican nomination. For years, GOP leaders have pushed a cynical and feckless political strategy that exploits unfounded fears of immigrants, minorities, the poor, the LGBT community and more, all for political gain. They have sold hardworking Americans the empty promise of trickle-down prosperity, while strangling America’s middle class with backwards economic policies that only enrich those already at the top. Donald Trump’s impending nomination is the ultimate, sad culmination of the success of that strategy. Trump is the modern Republican Party.
“It’s no surprise that at exit polls in contest after contest, more and more Democratic voters are reporting that our primary process has energized our party, while more and more Republicans report deep, dispiriting divisions in theirs.
“I want to congratulate both of our candidates for continuing to run spirited, substantive campaigns worthy of the American people. It’s clear that when we get through our conventions, Democrats will emerge united having nominated the next president, while the GOP will have to wallow in the chaotic mess of their own making.”