DNC Chair Statement on Trump Tax Returns

This morning Donald Trump once again went back on his word, refusing to release his tax returns. When asked during an interview whether he would disclose his tax rate, Trump snapped at the interviewer and said it was “none of your business.” He also argued that voters do not have a right to see his tax returns before Election Day.

Of course, when Trump first considered running for President in 1999, he ‎said he, “probably wouldn’t have a problem with” releasing his tax returns if he ran. Later, in 2012, he argued if you’re running for President, “at a minimum, probably, you’re going to have to show your [tax] returns” and they should be released by April 1st of the election year.  

DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz issued the following statement:

“Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns raises serious questions about what he’s hiding, whether or not he pays his fair share and how much he would benefit from his own reckless tax plan. If Trump can’t be open and honest about his purported wealth today as a candidate, there’s no telling how much he would rig the system to enrich himself and others at the top at the expense of hardworking families as president.”