DNC Chair Statement on Western Super Tuesday Results

WASHINGTON – DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz released the following statement following Western Super Tuesday results:

“The Republican Party is a fractured mess. The desperate Anyone-But-Trump Campaign faltered again last night after Donald Trump’s victory in the Arizona primary once again extended his already insurmountable lead. Establishment Republicans like two-time failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney are pleading for the party faithful to turn away from Trump, and suggesting a bitter fight at a brokered convention might be inevitable. Even Jeb Bush announced he will endorse Ted Cruz – a man who disgracefully used the recent terror attacks in Brussels to call for police patrols of American Muslim neighborhoods, and proudly shut down the federal government in order to deny millions of Americans access to health care, at a cost of $24 billion. This is the cynical GOP antidote to Trump’s divisiveness. But Trump’s march to the nomination isn’t a hostile takeover of the party. He is exactly what establishment Republicans have been asking for after years of spouting their own divisive, hateful rhetoric.

“The contrast couldn’t be more clear. I want to congratulate our Democratic candidates on their hard-fought victories in last night’s primary contests. Last night's massive, record-setting turnout on the Democratic side shows that our candidates continue to energize voters with positive campaigns and messages of hope for the country’s future. This is the type of campaign voters deserve – smart, civil, substantive, and focused on expanding opportunity for hardworking American families.”