DNC Chair Statement on Whole Woman’s Health v. Cole

WASHINGTON, DC – DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz released the following statement on the Supreme Court’s decision to take up Whole Woman’s Health v. Cole:

“The Supreme Court’s decision to take up Whole Woman’s Health v. Cole will have major implications for women across this country who deserve access to safe, legal abortion care without politicians standing in the way. We’ve seen the impact of this law on women in Texas, signed by former GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry, which has forced more than half of the state’s abortion clinics to close thanks to this senseless and backwards law. Ultimately, the case sounds the alarm on the devastating impact laws like this one are currently having on the constitutional right to a safe and legal abortion in the United States.

“Let me be very clear: this law puts women in danger. The ultimate intent of the law is to ban safe and legal abortion and undermine a woman’s right to health care.  Period. It’s just another part of an extreme anti-choice agenda championed by the Republican party which has done nothing but disappoint on women’s health issues. From Marco Rubio’s opposition to safe, legal abortion even in cases of rape and incest, the entire GOP field’s support for limiting access to women's health care, or Carly Fiorina’s lie after lie about Planned Parenthood, the GOP has it wrong on women’s health and abortion access.

“But don’t just take it from me, take it from the American people, the majority of whom are opposed to this dangerous anti-woman agenda. Sixty-seven percent of Americans believe that women have the right to an abortion and support Roe v. Wade. It would be unjust for the court to do anything but side with women, families, and Whole Women’s Health in this case. I urge women and families to make their voices heard on this case. The Democratic Party is standing with you.”