DNC Chair Statement on Women’s History Month

Washington, DC – DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz released the following statement to celebrate Women’s History Month:
“The month of March is an opportunity to celebrate the women who have shaped our country’s history and the great strides we’ve made, but also to recognize that our work is far from finished in the fight for gender equality and women’s rights.
“Right now, Republican presidential candidates are threatening to turn back the clock on our progress – working to defund health care for women and cut off access to family planning and safe, legal abortion – all to score political points.
“But our Democratic candidates are both committed to continuing the progress we’ve seen under the last seven years of the Obama administration. No matter which candidate we choose as our nominee, they will fight to raise the minimum wage for hardworking families, ensure equal pay, and advance legislation to combat violence against women, while holding the line against any efforts to undo the hard-fought victories of the women’s rights movement.
“The legacy of women in America is one worthy of commemoration, and we must elect a Democrat as our 45th president to build upon hard-won progress that so many great women in our vibrant history have fought for.”