DNC Chair Statement on Yom Kippur

Washington, D.C. – DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz released the following statement to mark Yom Kippur:

“Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, is the holiest of days in the Jewish faith. We conclude the Days of Awe with family, fasting, and prayer. Through teshuvah, we repent for our sins and turn back to God.

“This year’s observance will coincide with the visit of the Catholic Pope to several American cities, an opportune reminder that our diversity is one of our nation’s greatest strengths. People of every creed are able to exercise the tenets of their faith in this country, and we ask little more than that you respect the right of others to do the same.

“From my family to yours, Tzom Kal and G’mar Chatimah Tovah, wishing you an easy fast and may you be inscribed in the Book of Life.”