DNC Chair Tom Perez Gets Out the Vote

DNC Chair Tom Perez spent the two weeks before Election Day traveling more than 15,000 miles, visiting 14 states and 25 cities, all to campaign for Democrats up and down the ticket. Early vote and vote-by-mail turnout is at historic levels and our candidates — led by women, and especially women of color — represent the proud diversity of our country and the future of the Democratic Party.


With hours left, we’re down to the wire.  This is the vote of our lifetime. This is an election like no other we’ve seen. There is so much at stake – vote.




Outlook India: Indian-Tibetan descent Aftab Pureval draws national attention in his bid for Congress


On Sunday the Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez too campaigned for Pureval.


“We need leaders like Aftab Pureval who will hold the Trump administration and congressional Republicans accountable for their constant attacks on Medicaid. It’s time to show them the door tomorrow,” Perez said.


Springfield News-Sun: John Legend, DNC Chair Perez, visit Dayton to rally Democrats


Music star John Legend and Tom Perez, chair of the Democratic National Committee, will be in town this afternoon to launch canvassing for congressional candidate Theresa Gasper on the last Sunday before Tuesday’s election.”


Cincinnati Enquirer: Democrats bring in John Legend and a marching band to get out the vote in Hamilton County for Aftab Pureval


DNC Chairman Tom Perez addressed the crowd in Cincinnati and invoked the name of former president Barack Obama to stir up enthusiasm. President Donald Trump’s name wasn’t mentioned.


“Do you remember what you’re doing 10 years ago today?” Perez said. “Well, I’ll tell you what you were doing if you don’t remember. You were voting to elect Barack Obama president of the United States … Ten years ago we put hope on the ballot.”


Dayton Daily News: John Legend comes to Dayton to rally Democrats in final Sunday push


Music star, and Springfield native, John Legend and Tom Perez, chair of the Democratic National Committee, were among those rallying volunteers, especially for congressional candidate Theresa Gasper on the last Sunday before the election.


Toledo Blade: Candidates take final swings at reaching voters


The 38-year event was headlined by Tom Perez, the Democratic National Committee chairman, who made three Ohio stops in his Sunday midterm blitz before jetting to Wisconsin.


“The silver lining of the most dangerous president in American history is that people are finally waking up,” he said, telling the crowd to be ready for anything on Election Day.


“Conventional wisdom said Doug Jones couldn’t win, and now he’s a senator,” referring to the Alabama Democrat who beat Roy Moore in an upset special election. “There’s nothing conventional about America anymore.”




Associated Press: Health care, Trump among diverse stands of Colorado hopefuls

“Health care is on the ballot. Social Security and Medicare are on the ballot,” Tom Perez, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, told activists while campaigning with Polis at Servicios de la Raza, a Denver community center. “You need guardrails here in Colorado.”




Washington Post: Disasters and drama combine, again, in election-year Florida


Next came speeches by numerous Democrats running for office. People murmured as they waited for the big names to get their turn. When Tom Perez, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, took the stage, he howled that the weekend had been canceled — because everyone had to go get out the vote.




Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: DNC Chairman Tom Perez upbeat about Democratic chances in midterms during Milwaukee visit


Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez came to Milwaukee’s south side Monday to deliver a message to voters: “Our vote is our voice. When we vote, we win.”


Telemundo: Presidente del Comité Nacional Demócrata visita Wisconsin antes de las Elecciones


Tom Perez, el presidente del Comité Nacional del Partido Demócrata, viajó a Milwaukee para hacer campaña para los candidatos demócratas en el estado.




NPR: Leila Fadel: Democrats See Nevada As ‘The Model’ For A Blue Wave


The chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Tom Perez, calls Nevada “the model.”


“The Democratic party nationally needs to emulate what Nevada has been doing since the beginning of 2015, which is organizing early, organizing everywhere,” he says. “Making sure we have a 12-month party where we are talking to people.”




Bethesda Magazine: DNC Chair Campaigns with Elrich Before Election


Tom Perez may be the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, but he’s also a Takoma Park resident and the father of a daughter who was once taught by Marc Elrich.


Perez, a Montgomery County Council member from 2002 to 2006, has been traveling the country in the days before the Nov. 6 election campaigning for Democrats who are running for Congress.


Maryland Matters: Checking in With Tom Perez


Tom Perez slipped into town Thursday to vote early and say a few nice words about local Democratic candidates before hitting the road again for the big push to Election Day.