DNC Chair Tom Perez, Milwaukee Leaders Slam Trump For Broken Promises on Health Care

MILWAUKEE, WI – Today, DNC Chair Tom Perez joined Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin Mandela Barnes; Wisconsin state Senator LaTonya Johnson; Milwaukee Democrats Chair Chris Walton; health care organizer Karen Kirsch; and other Wisconsinites for a roundtable discussion focusing on the Democratic efforts to make health care more affordable for working families — most recently through the passage of HR 3, which allows the government to negotiate lower drug prices — while Donald Trump’s broken promises are spiking costs and jeopardizing coverage protections for individuals with preexisting conditions.

The event was part of a tour DNC Chair Tom Perez is doing across the battlegrounds to hit Donald Trump on his broken promises on health care.

DNC Chair Tom Perez: “The contrast between the Republican party, this president, and the Democrats is night and day. Democrats passed H.R.3 in the United States House under the leadership of Speaker Pelosi. H.R.3 would bring down the cost of prescription drugs by requiring Medicare, which is a huge purchaser of prescription drugs, to use that purchasing power to lower the price… Everywhere I go in Wisconsin, we hear about the trail of broken promises [by Donald Trump]. This is a president who said, ‘you’re going to have cheaper health care, it’s going to be better, it’s gonna be great for everyone.’ That was a lie… This president is chronically ineffective for people here in Wisconsin.”

Lt. Governor of Wisconsin Mandela Barnes: “We’re going to organize with our values, we’re going to organize around that vision, but we’re also going to point out the unfortunate errors that we’ve seen in the state of Wisconsin with the rejection of BadgerCare expansion. We’re going to point out the failures that we’ve seen with Trump’s plan, his repeated attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act… Right now we don’t have leadership, but that all changes in November.”

You can see full coverage of the event here