DNC Chair Tom Perez on July Jobs Report

After the U.S. Department of Labor released the latest jobs and unemployment numbers, DNC Chair and former Labor Secretary Tom Perez released the following statement:


“Donald Trump’s reckless policies continue to hurt millions of hardworking families. Despite the promises Donald Trump made to the American people, Trump's economy isn’t helping most Americans. Corporations have used their tax windfalls to line the pockets of their rich executives, not to increase wages for their workers. Meanwhile, workers at places like Harley-Davidson are losing their jobs.


“This November, Americans have a stark choice. Republicans want to keep rewarding the rich. Democrats want to build an economy that works for everyone. We want to create good-paying jobs that allow people to provide for their family and put themselves on a path to retirement security. And we will continue to fight for the economic opportunities every working family deserves.”