DNC Chair Tom Perez Visits Central Florida

Yesterday, DNC Chair Tom Perez spent the day in Central Florida speaking with rural voters in Polk County and engaging with Puerto Rican voters in Kissimmee, Florida and discussed the importance of electing Andrew Gillum, Bill Nelson and Democrats up and down the ticket.


In the morning, Perez joined Florida Lt. Governor nominee Chris King, Florida Democratic Party Chair Terrie Rizzo, Rep. Darren Soto and other local elected officials in Haines City for the Florida Democratic Party’s Rural Tour. After 20 years of all-Republican rule, rural communities have been left behind. Florida rural voters gathered to discuss the need for quality, affordable health care; greater public education funding; and more good-paying jobs. Perez listened to the needs of the Polk County community and highlighted the strong Democratic candidates running across the state.


In the afternoon, Perez visited members of the Puerto Rican community in Kissimmee to encourage the community to get out and vote in the upcoming November elections. On the anniversary of Hurricane María, Perez listened to stories of displaced Puerto Ricans and the struggles they’ve had to endure since they left their homes, and their thoughts on the disrespect Donald Trump has shown their community. Democrats will continue to keep fighting for Puerto Ricans and hold Trump and Republicans accountable at the ballot box.


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“Our mission at the Democratic National Committee is to help Democrats up and down the ballot from the state races to the school boards, all the way up to the national offices,” Perez said. “Our north star is not just prosperity for the Rick Scott's of the world, but shared prosperity for everyone. It’s not just about healthcare and women’s rights and immigration, our democracy is on the ballot. It’s not right vs. left; it’s right vs. wrong.”


Spectrum Central Florida News 13: DNC Chair Tom Perez and Congressman Darren Soto meet with Puerto Rican Voters


“We’re here today to talk to Puerto Rican voters about what their needs are because Democrats believe Puerto Ricans are first class citizens and not second class citizens,” said DNC Chair Tom Perez. “And that's why people like Congressman Soto and others have been fighting to make sure we expand health care, that we attend to the needs of the Puerto Rican community.”


Telemundo 31 Orlando: El presidente del Comité Nacional Demócrata Tom Perez y el congresista Darren Soto visitan Kissimmee


“Tenemos que votar. Tenemos cuarenta siete días hasta una elección en que nuestra comunidad puede mandar un mensaje muy fuerte,” dijo Tom Perez.


“Esta es una elección para el alma de nuestra nación. Por un partido y candidatos que van a cuidar por nuestra comunidad hispana, cuidar por nuestros dreamers, por nuestra gente en Puerto Rico,” dijo el congresista Darren Soto.