DNC Chair Tom Perez Visits Georgia

Yesterday, DNC Chair Tom Perez spent the day in Atlanta, Georgia and its suburbs speaking with Latinx elected officials and small business owners and engaging Georgia voters to elect  Stacey Abrams as governor.


In the morning, Perez traveled to Plaza Fiesta, located in the Buford Highway corridor, and met with Latinx elected officials, small business owners and chamber leaders. There, they discussed issues affecting the Latinx community, like the need for high-paying jobs, immigration reform and pushing back on anti-immigration politics, voting rights, and the party’s outreach efforts in Georgia. After the meeting, Perez toured Plaza Fiesta, where he talked to store owners about their businesses, listened to the challenges they face, and shared the Democratic Party’s vision of economic opportunity and fairness.


In the afternoon, Perez visited the Stacey Abrams for Governor campaign headquarters to meet with staff and volunteers. There, Perez thanked everyone for their hard work in helping elect Abrams and down-ballot Democrats.


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: DNC Chair Tom Perez hits Kemp while speaking to DeKalb Latino voters


“There are 200,000 registered Latino and Hispanic voters in Georgia, and at least 50,000 more who are eligible to vote, but unregistered, Perez said. The DNC and state party are utilizing an ‘army of volunteers’ in Georgia and across the country to register these voters and encourage higher turnout among Latinos and Hispanics, Perez said.


‘It is not something that we began yesterday, but something that has been in the works for many months,’ Perez said.”


Univision Atlanta 34: El presidente del Comité Nacional Demócrata Tom Perez visita a Georgia


“…En su visita que también incluyó un recorrido por el centro commercial, Perez respaldó la candidatura de Stacey Abrams, y la presentó como una mujer fuerte y con valores, capaz de entender los problemas que enfrenta la comunidad inmigrante y las acciones que necesitan ser tomadas para que Georgia sea un estado que dé la bienvenida a los inmigrantes. ‘Ella va a luchar para nuestro futuro, ella quiere unirse a la comunidad, y Kemp quiere dividir’”