DNC Chair: Trump Acolyte Glenn Youngkin Opposes Marriage Equality, Wants to Ban Books

In an interview today on MSNBC with Stephanie Ruhle, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison laid out the choice before Virginians: On one hand you have a Trump acolyte who opposes marriage equality and wants to ban books, on the other you have Terry McAuliffe who has a track record of success and will work to grow the economy, create jobs, invest in education and workers, and create an open and welcome Virginia for all.


DNC Chair: “It’s important that the voters in the commonwealth of Virginia understand that Youngkin is a Trump acolyte. This is a guy who is against marriage equality. Last time I looked, it’s 2021, Stephanie, and this guy is against marriage equality. He just has an ad out where I guess he wants to ban books like ‘Beloved,’ written by amazing authors like Toni Morrison. Again, this sort of hearken back to this old past that we’ve had in this country where there’s only certain elevated communities. That’s what Youngkin represents, and it’s important that we