DNC Congratulates Justin Fairfax on Debate Victory

After Justin Fairfax's clear victory in tonight’s Virginia lieutenant gubernatorial debate, DNC Deputy Communications Director Sabrina Singh issued the following statement in response: 

“After tonight's debate, it is clearer than ever that Justin Fairfax is the best candidate for lieutenant governor and would most importantly put Virginians over millionaires, billionaires and special interests. Fairfax will work hand-in-hand with Ralph Northam to create economic opportunity for all Virginians and build a modern workforce of tomorrow. Fairfax will always fight for affordable access to quality health care, especially to ensure a woman can make her own health decisions. Meanwhile, Jill Vogel quickly showed just how desperate she is to win this race when she devolved into petty, personal attacks, sinking as low as to question Fairfax’s intelligence. Time and again, Vogel clearly demonstrated she will be Donald Trump's and Ed Gillespie's puppet by supporting everything from cruel health care repeal plans to a tax plan that would line the pockets of their fellow millionaires and billionaires while increasing taxes for many hard-working Virginia families. Both Vogel and Gillespie would happily cut taxes for the top 1% and jeopardize funding for public education, transportation, and health care, and Virginians will reject them this November.”