DNC Congratulates Sheila Oliver on Debate Victory

DNC Northeast Press Secretary Elizabeth Renda issued the following statement congratulating Sheila Oliver on her resounding victory in tonight’s New Jersey lieutenant governor debate:

“Tonight’s debate showcased what we all already knew: Republicans Carlos Rendo and Kim Guadagno are desperate. Time and again, we’ve seen them stoop to Donald Trump’s level, using fear-mongering and lies, and tonight was no different. While Rendo showed he is willing to say anything to get elected, Sheila Oliver laid out a clear vision for creating an economy that works for every New Jersey family, not just those at the top. Guadagno and Rendo are dead set on continuing the failed policies of the Christie administration that give massive tax breaks to millionaires and corporations at the expense of hard-working families. But Phil Murphy and Sheila Oliver know the best way to build a strong economy in New Jersey is investing in and growing the middle class. New Jersey cannot afford another four years of disastrous Christie policies, and that’s why New Jerseyans will elect Murphy and Oliver in just 22 days.”