DNC Creates Dynamic NFT to Highlight How RFK Jr. Is Not What He Seems

RFK Jr. Propped Up by MAGA Figures, Funded by Trump’s Largest Donor Timothy Mellon

Today, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) created and made available a dynamic NFT to attendees at ETHDenver — a Web3 innovation festival — that featured a keynote address from Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 

The DNC-created NFT, which was available to be minted for a limited time today, initially appears as a shiny commemorative token. Later, during RFK Jr.’s remarks, it will be unmasked to reveal Kennedy with Donald Trump over his shoulder to highlight how Kennedy’s candidacy is primarily funded by Timothy Mellon — Trump’s largest donor this cycle who has also contributed $20 million to American Values 2024, the pro-Kennedy Super PAC. 

You can view the NFT here.

“It’s critical that the American people know that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is not what he seems in this race,” DNC Rapid Response Director Alex Floyd said. “His candidacy is being propped up by megadonor Timothy Mellon, who is also Donald Trump’s largest contributor this cycle. RFK Jr.  is nothing more than a stalking horse to help Trump return to the White House.”

Mellon is the largest donor this cycle to Super PACs supporting both Donald Trump and Robert Kennedy Jr.

Newsweek: “Timothy Mellon, heir to the Mellon banking fortune, donated $5 million to the Trump-aligned MAGA Inc. fundraising attempts in January, as well $5 million to a Super PAC supporting the Democrat-turned-independent’s presidential bid the same month, Federal Election Commission (FEC) listings reveal…Mellon gave American Values a total of $15 million in 2023, according to FEC filings, covering a period when Kennedy Jr. ran as a Democratic and independent presidential candidate. The billionaire was also found to have donated $10 million to the Trump-aligned MAGA Inc. in the second half of last year, making him the largest contributor to both Super PACs.”

Mellon was helping to “keep the lights on for the Kennedy campaign” and “was first inclined to give $5 million to R.F.K. because he thought he was a kooky Biden-botherer in the Democratic primary.”

Washington Examiner: “So, who are the faces helping to keep the lights on for the Kennedy campaign? Well, one is Timothy Mellon, a Republican megadonor and ex-chairman of the transportation-holding corporation Pan Am Systems. Mellon, the grandson of banking tycoon Andrew Mellon, gave $5 million in April to American Values 2024, a super PAC supporting Kennedy, campaign finance disclosures show.”

Puck: “Mellon, I’ve been told, is fascinated by presidential politics and was first inclined to give $5 million to R.F.K. because he thought he was a kooky Biden-botherer in the Democratic primary.”

Mellon is also Trump’s biggest donor in the 2024 presidential campaign cycle.

New York Times: “Timothy Mellon, the banking heir and businessman, gave an additional $5 million in January to a super PAC backing Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s independent presidential campaign, bringing his total contribution to $20 million. Mellon has also given $15 million to a super PAC, MAGA Inc., that is backing Donald Trump.”

Politico: “The biggest donation by far [to a pro-Trump super PAC] came from Timothy Mellon, a transportation executive and heir to the Mellon banking fortune, who wrote a $10 million check.”

NBC News: “Mellon, who is listed on the report as a self-employed investor, has contributed millions to Republican candidates and causes in the past, including a whopping $20 million to super PACs supporting former President Donald Trump’s re-election bid in 2020.”

RFK Jr. has deflected questions on why Mellon, a Trump megadonor with a record of racist statements, has backed his candidacy.

Meryl Kornfield, Washington Post: “I just asked RFK how he feels about Mellon’s support of Trump and views, specifically how he once wrote about Black people.”