DNC Denounces Donald Trump’s Offensive Comments about African Americans

Yesterday during a rally in Michigan, Donald Trump told black voters: “You're living in poverty. Your schools are no good. You have no jobs.” DNC General Election Chief of Staff Brandon Davis issued the following statement denouncing Trump’s comments:
“Donald Trump has shown little interest engaging the black community and his comments underscore just how out of touch he is with the African American community. 
“Trump's latest comments were playing to inaccurate, negative stereotypes of people of color. Sadly, we've come to expect this type of disgraceful and dangerous race-baiting from Trump. 
“Trump launched his campaign with an attack on Hispanic immigrants, has been reluctant to distance himself from white supremacist groups, and promoted false conspiracy theories challenging President Obama's citizenship. Trump was also sued for housing discrimination at the start of his business career for refusing to rent to black tenants. 
“If African Americans reject Trump at the polls, it's because of his failure to earn their vote.”