DNC, DNC Black Caucus ‘Chop it Up’ Virtually with Black Voters

Congressman Clyburn says the 2020 election “is the most consequential election of my lifetime.” 

Yesterday, the Democratic National Committee and DNC Black Caucus hosted Making the American Dream Accessible and Affordable for Black Men, a national conversation with the U.S. Majority Whip Jim Clyburn and Black male leaders from around the country on the significance of the upcoming election and what can be done to improve economic outcomes for Black men. The conversation was moderated by Russ Parr of the Russ Parr Morning Show and featured Lee Saunders, President, AFSCME; Everett Kelley, National President, AFGE; Kenneth Rigmaiden, General President, IUPAT; Fedrick Ingram, President, Florida Education Association; and Terry Melvin, President, Coalition of Black Trade Unionists.

Chop it Up is a joint initiative of the DNC and the DNC Black Caucus designed to engage Black men on the issue most important in their communities as well as empower them to take on greater roles in politics and government.

Congressman Jim Clyburn: “Let’s come together and do what we know is necessary for our children and grandchildren to have the type of country they deserve. Let’s do the work that’s required, using our phones and our devices to make sure people vote. We cannot afford to lose this election., iIf we do, we will not live to see this country back on the same trajectory it was on when Barack Obama left the presidency.”

DNC Black Caucus Chair, Virgie Rollins: “It’s exciting to see so many Black men engaged and ready to make a difference this election cycle. When we are successful in November, it will be due in no small part to the hard work these men are doing to inspire their communities.”

DNC Senior Advisor, Antjuan Seawright: “The day Donald Trump became President of the United States the tone was set. We know the country is in a crisis, and the crisis is doubled in communities that look like mine. Chop it Up is a vehicle for African American men to express what’s important to them and why they need to be engaged in this election and for us to learn from them so we do not repeat the same mistakes from 2016.”

DNC African American Political Director, Ebony Baylor: “Democrats understand that we have to do things differently this cycle, and that was before a pandemic turned our lives upside down. We are meeting voters where they are and having the tough conversations that rebuild trust and will pay dividends once we send Joe Biden to the White House.”