DNC & DSCC on Ninth Circuit Ruling Arizona Law Violated Voting Rights Act

DNC Chair Tom Perez and DSCC Executive Director Scott Fairchild released the following statement after the Ninth Circuit ruled that Arizona Republicans’ HB 2023 violates the Voting Rights Act:

“This is a victory for the people of Arizona and our democracy, and we’re proud to have worked with our partners at the Arizona Democratic Party to fight this important case. The court’s ruling will restore out-of-precinct voting and ballot collection for the 2020 election after finding that this Republican voter suppression effort was a discriminatory attack on voters of color, including Native American, Latinx, and African-American communities. As Democrats, our goal is to engage every eligible American voter as an active participant in our democracy by making it easier for people to vote, not harder. That means continuing to stand up against voter suppression tactics to create free, fair, and accessible elections that protect the fundamental right to vote, and we are committed to this fight.”