DNC Highlights Republican Hypocrisy On GDP Numbers

Republicans loved to tout and take credit for Donald Trump’s economic success, but now that President Joe Biden is delivering record-breaking economic growth…crickets from the GOP. So we figured we’d remind them of how they celebrated less than 3% GDP growth under Trump.

That’s why the DNC spent today calling out Republican silence on our historic economic recovery and their refusal to acknowledge what this means for the American people and our economy: 

  • @TheDemocrats: Trump boasted about one quarter of 3% GDP growth: “Nobody thought” it could happen. The economy under @JoeBiden’s leadership grew at a 6.9% annualized rate last quarter.
  • DNC War Room on Senator Chuck Grassley’s Hypocrisy: Given today’s news about 6.9% Q4 GDP growth, I think @ChuckGrassley would say the economy is firing on all cylinders under President Biden.
  • DNC War Room on GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel’s Hypocrisy: You can’t deny our economy is roaring back!

    ✅Fastest economic growth in nearly four decades
    ✅Record jobs created in a single year
    ✅Billions in new investments in American manufacturing

    Thank you @JoeBiden!
  • DNC War Room on Senator Mike Crapo’s Hypocrisy: If 3.2% growth was excellent news under President Trump, we’re sure Senator @MikeCrapo will agree 2021’s 5.7% growth under President Biden is OUTSTANDING!
  • DNC War Room: FLASHBACK: Donald Trump celebrating one quarter of 3% growth, “We are back.”

    @JoeBiden’s economy just hit 5.7% growth for a full year.