DNC Hits Toomey for Refusing to Fight Inflation in Hometown Paper

Pennsylvania – Today, the DNC announced a new ad targeting Senator Pat Toomey for leading Republicans on the Senate Banking Committee in their blockade of Federal Reserve nominees, who would immediately get to work tackling inflation upon their confirmation. With Congress home for recess, the DNC’s ad will bring Toomey’s failures to his hometown paper, the Lehigh Valley Morning Call, with a missing poster in search of a senator who is willing to put in the work for Pennsylvania.

An image of the ad can be seen below:

“Pat Toomey cares so little about Pennsylvanians that he won’t even show up to lower costs for working families. We need leaders who will do everything in their power to lower costs and tackle inflation for people in Pennsylvania and across the country, but Republicans in the Senate have made it clear that they are unwilling even to do the bare minimum,” said DNC Spokeswoman Noelle Rosellini. “President Biden and Democrats are working every day to lower costs and put more money in people’s pockets, while Republicans are focused on raising taxes on half of Americans, blocking economic progress and advancing corporate interests.”

The ad calling out Toomey’s inaction will run this Sunday to more than 72,000 Lehigh Valley households and digital e-reader subscribers.