DNC Joint Statement on Labor Day

WASHINGTON –  DNC Interim Chair Donna Brazile and Vice Chair Maria Elena Durazo issued the following statement:
“The men and women of the American labor movement sacrificed, organized, even bled and died fighting for the simple idea that workers have rights; that a hard day’s work should be rewarded with a fair day’s pay; and that an injury on the job shouldn’t sentence your family to a life of poverty.
“They gave us the forty-hour work week, pensions, workers’ compensation, safer workplaces, and the end of child labor. They’ve reduced the gender pay gap. They’ve fought and won battles against discrimination in the workplace, and ended many of the unfair hiring and firing practices of our past – chipping away at racism, sexism and disability-based discrimination.
“This Labor Day, with a national election fast approaching, we have an opportunity to do more than celebrate the victories of the labor movement. If we want to keep growing the workforce, increasing wages and expanding the middle class, we need to organize politically and elect leaders up and down the ticket who stand with Labor. We need to elect Democrats.
“Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine believe that when unions are strong, America is strong. They want to invest in good-paying jobs, raise the minimum wage, restore collective bargaining rights, and prevent countries like China from abusing global trade rules. Most importantly, they want to build an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. We must put  Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine in the White House to fight for hardworking families.”