DNC Launches Digital Ads in Local Newspapers Across Battleground States on Threat Trump Poses to Americans’ Health Care on ACA Anniversary

Today, ahead of the anniversary of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the Democratic National Committee launched a new ad campaign in local newspapers in seven battleground states blasting Donald Trump for his plan to repeal the ACA and decimate health coverage for millions of Americans.

The ads will appear as digital homepage takeovers of local newspaper websites in the key battleground states of Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada, North Carolina, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin. With the majority of Americans putting greater trust in local news, this ad campaign builds on the DNC’s strategic focus of reaching voters in their own communities through mediums they value. The ACA campaign marks the DNC’s most wide-reaching local newspaper campaign so far this cycle.

“Donald Trump wants the American people to know that he’ll stop at nothing to ‘terminate’ lifesaving health care protections for the millions of people who rely on the Affordable Care Act, so we’re making sure voters hear him loud and clear in the outlets they know and trust,” DNC spokesperson Rhyan Lake said. “Trump’s plans to spike premiums and prescription drug costs and skyrocket uninsurance rates is as unpopular as it is dangerous, and is a stark contrast to President Biden’s agenda of taking on Big Pharma to lower health care costs and making affordable coverage more accessible. Americans know that a vote for Trump is a vote to destroy health care and that’s why they’ll reject him once again this November.”

Find the creative below:

In Arizona

In Georgia

In Michigan

In Nevada

In North Carolina

In Pennsylvania

In Wisconsin