DNC Launches Diverse Media Advertising Campaign on the Tenth Anniversary of the Affordable Care Act

Ads will highlight Trump’s broken health care promises to African-American and Latino voters in key battlegrounds

Today, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) launched a diverse media advertising campaign in 6 key battlegrounds (AZ, MI, NC, PA, FL, WI), beginning with ads highlighting Republicans’ broken promises on the issue of health care to voters of color on the tenth anniversary of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

The DNC is beginning this campaign with a significant initial buy and will make an overall six-figure investment in minority-focused media outlets.

“Victory in 2020 will be won in Black and Brown communities throughout the country, and we cannot afford to take a single vote for granted,” said DNC Chair Tom Perez. “President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, and Democrats in Congress made access to health care a reality for millions of people, especially in communities of color, and Trump’s agenda has trampled on that progress. In a time where America is facing a pandemic, it is important for voters to remember who has their back when it comes to protecting and expanding access to health care. These investments in diverse media outlets are happening much earlier in the cycle than ever before and we will continue to engage voters where they are on this critical issue, as often as possible.”

The print ads, which will be published in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin were placed through the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) and will commemorate the passage of the ACA and the benefits it provides, including protections for preexisting conditions. See an example below:

The radio ads will be produced by a Hispanic-owned creative agency. The ads will air on Spanish-language stations throughout Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Florida and will also focus on the ACA’s passage and Democrats’ commitment to providing access to quality, affordable health care to the Latino community. See the script for the ad below:

President Obama:  “…After all the votes have been tallied, Health insurance reform becomes law in the United States of America.”

Announcer:  Han pasado diez años desde que el Presidente Obama y los demócratas pasaron la reforma del cuidado de salud.

Announcer: Y nuestra comunidad ha obtenido algunas de las mayores ganancias  – costos más bajos y más cobertura.

Announcer: Pero ahora, los republicanos intentan destruir nuestro cuidado de salud y aumentar el costo de medicamentos.

Announcer: Sin un plan o soluciones, los republicanos están dispuestos a quitarle el acceso al cuidado de salud a millones.

Announcer: Este noviembre, vota por quienes protegen nuestro cuidado de salud, vota democrata!

English translation: 

President Obama:  “… After all the votes have been tallied, health insurance reform becomes law in the United States of America.” [Applause]

Announcer: It’s been ten years since President Obama and the Democrats passed health care reform.

Announcer: And our community has obtained some of the biggest gains – lower costs and more coverage.

Announcer: Now, Republicans are trying to take our coverage away, and make our medicine more expensive.

Announcer: Without a plan or solutions, Republicans are willing to take away access to health care for millions of us.

Announcer: This election, vote to protect our health care, vote Democratic.