DNC launches homepage takeover of New Pittsburgh Courier for length of Republican National Committee Four-day ad buy will remind crucial block of voters how Trump Administration has failed Pennsylvanians

Today the Democratic National Committee is launching a homepage digital advertising  takeover of the New Pittsburgh Courier that will last the length of the Republican convention, reminding Pennsylvania voters of Trump’s failed response to the coronavirus.

The Courier is one of the largest African American community newspapers in the Keystone State and reaches a crucial bloc of voters who will help decide the November election.

The ad buy is part of a major effort by the DNC, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party and the Biden campaign over the course of the RNC, highlighting the truth about Trump’s chaotic presidency — In addition to the advertising, Democrats will host events with Pennsylvania and national surrogates and utilize a variety of additional tactics.

Over 7,600 Pennsylvanians have died due to complications from the coronavirus, and Friday’s new economic numbers showed that unemployment in the state has risen again to 13.7%.

“The Republicans’ chaos convention can’t hide Trump’s disastrous leadership and the Pennylvanians who have lost their lives and livelihoods because of it,” said DNC Chair Tom Perez. “Pennsylvanians won’t forget about the seniors worried about his attacks on Social Security and Medicare, the families who have seen their jobs disappear because of Trump’s failed COVID-19 response, and the folks with pre-existing conditions who can’t afford for Donald Trump to take away their health care. Instead, the Republican chaos convention will just remind Pennsylvanians exactly what they don’t like about Trump, and in November voters will hold him accountable.”

The DNC’s ads utilize all of the advertising space on the Courier’s homepage — including a 1000 x 1000 px pop up ad —  and will run for four days, from Monday to Thursday. Images of several of the ads are below: