DNC Launches July 15 Day of Action

On Saturday, July 15th, the Democratic National Committee and state parties across the country are launching a national Day of Action where organizers will go out and knock doors in their communities. The Day of Action is part of the DNC’s Resistance Summer program, which is designed to bolster state parties and reach out to voters in every zip code in order to elect Democrats up and down the ticket.

Organizers will use the recently launched app, Knock 10, which allows them to go through their neighborhoods and knock on 10 doors at a time, provides a script and pinpoints the their GPS location to give 10 nearby doors to knock on. Throughout the day organizers will educate, organize, and mobilize voters in their communities to take a stand against the Republican health care repeal bill that would strip 22 million Americans’ access to health care and gut Medicaid.

“Tomorrow’s Day of Action is about harnessing the activism and energy we have seen across the country and converting it to electoral wins up-and-down the ballot,” said DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison. “Democrats across the country are fighting back against the dangerous Republican repeal bill and working to expand economic opportunity and build a brighter future for all Americans. The Knock 10 app gives state parties the tools they need to organize and activate their neighbors so we can win elections and put power back in the hands of the people.”

On tomorrow’s Day of Action there are over 110 events taking place across the country, and a total number of 120 events this weekend.