DNC Launches New “America’s Coming Back” Ad in States Across the Country

Today, the Democratic National Committee announced that a new 60-second television ad titled “America’s Coming Back” will run in ten media markets around the country to highlight President Biden and Democrats’ success in bringing America back together after the worst public health crisis in a century. As we approach the Fourth of July holiday, the DNC is making sure that Americans know that families, friends, and neighbors can celebrate together once again because of President Biden and Democrats’ leadership.

Here’s a look at what voters from New Hampshire to Nevada are reading today…

In New Hampshire:

WMUR: NH Primary Source: NH among 10 states targeted by DNC in upbeat ‘America’s Coming Back’ TV ad

DNC AD: ‘AMERICA’S COMING BACK.’ The Democratic National Committee on Wednesday is launching a 60-second television ad in New Hampshire and nine other states that the party says focuses on President Joe Biden and Democrats’ success as the nation emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic.


In the upbeat ad, which can be seen here and at the end of this report, a narrator says July 4 is “a celebration of freedom. And this year there’s more to celebrate.”

…“After 16 months of isolation and uncertainty, thanks to President Biden and Democrats, America is finally coming back together,” said Democratic National Committee Chair Jaime Harrison. “Because of the American Rescue Plan, shots are in arms, checks are in bank accounts, small businesses are reopening and our country is getting back on track.”


In Michigan:

MLive: As President Biden heads to Michigan, Dems push ad touting America’s coronavirus comeback
As Joe Biden makes an appearance in Traverse City over the Fourth of July weekend, a message touting a similar theme of a post-pandemic return to normal will play on TV screens across Metro Detroit.

A new, 60-second television ad from the Democratic National Committee features patriotic music and imagery, plus images of people celebrating that convey a sense of normalcy.

“July Fourth. The American holiday. A celebration of freedom. And this year, there’s more to celebrate,” a narrator says, as images of vaccination numbers and people playing sports, having dinners and hugging family members play across the screen.


Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes said in a statement, “We delivered Michigan for Joe Biden in November and now the DNC is making sure Michiganders know that President Biden delivers for us everyday.”


In Nevada:

The NV Indy: Ahead of VP Visit to Nevada, Democrats Launch Campaign Ads Promoting Vaccine Rates in Las Vegas

Ahead of the 4th of July weekend, the Democratic National Committee is launching a new television ad campaign in Las Vegas and nearly a dozen other states promoting “America’s Coming Back” under President Joe Biden.


The 60-second ad highlights the return to normalcy after the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, juxtaposing archived year-old newscast of the early days of the pandemic with a headline of rising vaccine rates — giving Americans the “freedom to hug a grandchild, to see a baseball game in person. To come back together, again.”


In Nebraska:

Associated Press: National Democrats Air Pandemic Recovery Ad in Omaha

National Democrats began airing a pandemic recovery ad in the Omaha area on Wednesday, signaling that they’re still willing to put resources into Nebraska’s competitive 2nd Congressional District even though the rest of the state is solidly Republican.

The 60-second ad in the Omaha television market highlights the nation’s efforts to recover from the coronavirus pandemic and return to normalcy.

The ad includes several shots of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, who won the 2nd District in the 2020 election, marking only the second time in history that Nebraska has split its Electoral College votes.


In a statement, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee said the American Rescue Plan signed by Biden is helping to vaccinate Americans, reopen small businesses and provide financial assistance.

In New Jersey:

New Jersey Globe: DNC launches ad boosting Biden’s handling of pandemic in NJ markets

The Democratic National Committee launched a new ad boosting President Joe Biden’s handling of the pandemic on New Jersey airwaves Wednesday.

The 60-second spot begins with shots of an empty classroom, stadium and storefront before showing people congregating at stadiums and elsewhere while a narrator recounts the improved state of the pandemic ahead of July 4.


It’s part of a push to boost perceptions of Biden’s handling of the pandemic, of which voters already approve by a nearly two-to-one margin, according to polling averages compiled by FiveThirtyEight. That includes roughly 57% of independents.


In North Carolina:

Charlotte Observer: New NC ad features Biden, COVID recovery as Senate campaigns gear up

“The freedom to hug a grandchild — to see a baseball game in person.” These are some of the luxuries the Democratic National Committee highlights in its newest advertisement to voters in Charlotte.

The Independence Day-themed ad, released on Wednesday, focuses on the progress that has been made in the fight against COVID-19. Although the 60-second ad does not directly call people to the polls, it comes as the race for North Carolina’s open Senate seat heats up. It’s running in nine other TV markets.

“America: We’re coming back,” the ad concludes, with images of Fourth of July fireworks and American flags flashing across the screen and John Legends’ “In America” playing in the background.


The approval rating on [Biden’s] handling of the pandemic, meanwhile, has remained at about 62% since March. At the end of Trump’s presidency, fewer than 40% of Americans approved of Trump’s response to the pandemic, according to FiveThirtyEight.


In Pennsylvania:

Pittsburgh City Paper: New Democratic ad premieres in Pittsburgh market, highlights 4th of July

On Wed., June 30, a new ad from the Democratic National Committee hit Pittsburgh airwaves to highlight the progress the country has made getting Americans vaccinated and reopening businesses during the coronavirus pandemic.

According to a press release, the 60-second television spot “highlights President Biden and Democrats’ success in bringing America back together after the worst public health crisis in a century.” The ad starts with imagery from last year and the coronavirus shutdowns and rising case numbers, and ends by highlighting the upcoming Fourth of July holiday, with President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden watching fireworks.

 The country has vaccinated Americans at relatively high rates. 


In Virginia:

Virginia Scope: The DNC launches a new multi-state ad campaign highlighting Biden’s COVID-19 response

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is launching a multi-state ad campaign this week highlighting the Democratic response and policies to COVID-19 in 2021. The ad will be airing in the Richmond media market. 

The ad highlights the return to normalcy after the pandemic. “July Fourth.The American holiday. A celebration of freedom. And this year, there’s more to celebrate. The freedom to hug a grandchild. To see a baseball game in person. To come back together, again. America, leading the world out of a global pandemic, with honesty and compassion. America’s journey continues. Through fireworks and parades, to build a better future. A future that only we the people can make, together. America — we’re coming back.”