DNC Launches New Campaign: ‘Vote For Me’

Today, the DNC launched a new campaign to urge Democratic voters to vote in the midterm elections. Watch and see what’s at stake through the eyes of kids, who could stand to lose the most in the midterm elections. They can’t vote – but you can.


This is the vote of our lifetime. It is an election like no other we’ve seen and there is so much at stake. Make a plan today for how you’re going to vote and visit IWillVote.com for help. To reach the DNC Voter Hotline: call 833-336-8683 or text QUESTION to 43367.



Alaya, age 10: “If I had lost my medicine, I don’t know what I would ever do. That would lead me to death, and I don’t understand why people would think to do that.”


Belia, age 13: “When I see them on TV taking kids away from their parents, it’s scary.”


Austin, age 15: “I heard if you zigzag when you run, like the shooter’s less likely to shoot you. So I’ve always been thinking, like, if a shooter ever comes into a classroom, like, I would like run through the back door and like zigzag out of the school. So like, I think about that on a daily basis.”


Jacob, age 13: “I think it is patriotic to protest.”


Alexis, age 12: “My dad had a car wreck, and the doctor gave him pain pills and he just got really addicted to them. So he wasn’t there for four of my birthdays.”


Reuben, age 11: “I feel pretty bad about people taking away my health care.”


Alaya, age 10: “I’m one of those sick people that you’re trying to take medicine away.”


Reuben, age 11: “Oh, hello! My name is Reuben and I am 11 years old.”


Jamario, age 16: “We need politicians that are actually going to do something about it.”


Alaya, age 10: “But I can’t vote.”


Bella, age 16: “I can’t vote.”


Jacob, age 13: “I can’t vote.”


Alexis, age 12: “I can’t vote.”


Belia, age 13: “So vote for me.”


Alaya, age 10: “Vote for me.”


Jamario, age 16: “For me.”


Austin, age 15: “For me.”


Reuben, age 11: “So vote for me.”