DNC Launches New Digital Ads in PA Reaching Vote-By-Mail Voters: “How To Return Your Ballot!”

Today The Democratic National Committee is launching a new, statewide digital ad in Pennsylvania that will help mail-in voters learn the information required to ensure their vote is counted, ‘How to Return Your Ballot!

The ad is launching as part of a joint voter education campaign with Biden for President Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, and other groups.

The ad will be targeted to voters across the Keystone State who have requested mail-in or absentee ballots and provides step-by-step instructions to voters on how to properly fill out their mail ballot, including sealing their ballot within the provided secrecy envelope, which is required for their vote to count.

“Every Pennsylvania voter deserves the right to vote easily and comfortably in the manner of their choosing, whether that’s voting by mail, dropping their ballot off at a county elections office, or voting in person on Election Day,” said DNC Chair Tom Perez. “With vote-by-mail requests surging, it’s important that every voter using a mail ballot for the first time has all the information they need so that their ballot will be counted, including the importance of sealing their ballot in the secrecy envelope, which then goes in the larger return envelope, and signing the back of the return envelope before putting it in the mail or delivering it in person to their county elections office. Voting begins well before Election Day, and we’re confident that our voter education program will lead the way and make sure every Pennsylvanian’s voice is heard.”


In addition to this ad, the DNC, Biden for President Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, and other groups are taking a number of steps to educate voters about how to easily return their vote-by-mail ballot and ensure their vote is counted, including holding regular voter education events, direct voter outreach, and a robust social media campaign featuring photos and videos of elected officials and local leaders completing the steps to return their mail-in ballots.

Additionally, earlier this month, DNC and Biden for President added new features to the IWillVote.com voter information website, making it easier for Pennsylvanians to check their voting status and register to vote if need be, request an absentee ballot, or easily find deadlines regarding casting their ballot. Pennsylvanians interested in learning more can go to IWillVote.com/PA to find out more.