DNC Launches Seven-Figure Ad Campaign Celebrating President Biden and Democrats Lowering Costs for Working Families

Ad campaign also calls out Republicans for siding with special interests instead of voting to lower costs

Today, the DNC is announcing a seven-figure ad campaign touting President Biden and Democrats’ continued focus and historic work to lower costs for the American people. The campaign includes a national cable buy, gas station advertisements, digital ads, and print, digital, and radio buys in Black, Spanish-language, multi-lingual AAPI, and Native American media outlets across the country, and more. 

The campaign follows President Biden’s signing of the Inflation Reduction Act and highlights how the president and Democrats took on powerful special interests – and won. While Democrats celebrate lowering health care, prescription drug, and utility costs, and finally ensuring big corporations pay their fair share, the DNC is also holding congressional Republicans accountable for siding with special interests and pushing an extreme MAGA agenda that costs families.

“President Biden and Democrats have delivered win after win for the American people,” said DNC Chair Jaime Harrison. “While Democrats are lowering costs for working families and demonstrating that government can work for them, Republicans continue to try to stand in the way and are pursuing an extreme MAGA agenda that costs working families. We’re proud to take our message directly to the American people and remind them that thanks to President Biden and Democrats, powerful special interests lost and Americans won.”

Watch the DNC’s national cable ad here

Transcript below:

Joe Biden and Democrats took on Big Pharma and Big Oil — the American people won, and powerful special interests lost.

Their plan lowers the costs of prescription drugs and health care for American

Meanwhile, extreme MAGA Republicans want to jeopardize Social Security and Medicare.

Take us backward on abortion, with no exceptions for rape or incest.

And they ALL said no to lower costs for American families.

They’re just too extreme.