DNC Makes Largest-Ever Pennsylvania Off-Year Election Investment

Committee makes six-figure investment to turn out voters and reinforce ‘Get Out the Vote’ operations; DNC and PA Democrats’ investments now over $1 million

The Democratic National Committee today announced it was making a new six-figure investment in the Keystone State that will put state and national party investments to elect Democratic candidates up and down the ticket in next month’s statewide, county and local elections at over $1 million for the campaign. Today’s announcement marks the largest investment the DNC has ever made in Pennsylvania’s off-year elections.

The DNC’s investment centers on a six-figure expenditure in support of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party’s mobilization programs for races across the state, including the statewide Supreme Court and county races. These funds come on top of previous investments in the Pennsylvania Democratic Party and coordinated campaign, and will provide critical late-stage help for the state party’s organizing, digital, and mail operations to help Democratic candidates in close races up and down the ballot secure victories in November. These efforts will also begin to build out crucial infrastructure in every corner of the state in advance of next year’s midterm elections.

The DNC is also funding ‘Get Out the Vote’ digital advertising in support of statewide turnout efforts.

November’s elections also mark the first time the Democratic National Committee’s expanded “I Will Vote” initiative will be involved in elections in the commonwealth. “I Will Vote,” the DNC’s program to address and overcome Republican-led efforts across the country to make voting more difficult and burdensome, includes the largest voter protection team ever assembled at the DNC, and now includes statewide coverage and analytics capacity. Pennsylvania voters will also have access to a new “I Will Vote” polling lookup tool for next month’s elections.

“From fighting for Democratic judicial nominees to electing municipal officers, the future of the Keystone State, the country, and even our democracy, is in Pennsylvanians’ hands next month,” said DNC Chair Jaime Harrison. “The DNC is invested in ensuring help for Democrats to win in these crucial races. Pennsylvania Democrats have fielded a diverse and visionary group of candidates, and we’re excited to help them make history on November 2.”