DNC Military Council on Trump’s Use of Military Force

DNC Chair Tom Perez, DNC Military Council Chair Jan Donatelli and Vice Chairs Terron Sims, Rodrigo Garcia, and Christine Pelosi released the following statement after General Jim Mattis slammed Trump for his use of military force on peaceful protesters:

“Tear gas. Projectiles. Men in full body armor and military gear attacking Americans citizens protesting peacefully. No, these are not just scenes from the civil rights marches of a bygone era. They are images the world witnessed just this week in our nation’s capital, in front of a White House that is supposed to symbolize democracy and freedom. They are nightmares our children will read about in history books. Trump’s use of the military to crack down on peaceful protesters in our nation’s capital will long be remembered as one of our nation’s darkest chapters. Not only did he trample on the Constitution he swore an oath to defend, but he also inflicted violence on Americans who were protesting violence in the first place – all so he could do a photo-op in front of a church holding an upside-down Bible like a stage prop. What we saw this week was a disgrace to the office of the presidency and to all those who have fought to protect our democratic freedoms. That’s why Trump’s actions have been widely denounced by former military officials, including Trump’s former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.

“It is clearer than ever that Donald Trump is unfit for office. The American people expect their Commander-in-Chief to respect and value those who wear our nation’s uniform, not use them as a political pawn or private security force. We need a president who will bring honor to the Oval Office, who will bring us together in times of grief and uncertainty, who shows compassion and empathy for American, and who understands the pain Black communities are going through right now and is committed to the cause of justice. That is why we stand with Vice President Joe Biden. We know that his leadership will help our country heal and restore decency and integrity to the highest office in our land.”