DNC Native American Caucus on Senate Confirmation of Deb Haaland

The DNC Native American Caucus, Rion Ramirez, Paulette Jordan, and Keith Harper released the following statement following the confirmation of Debra Haaland as Interior Secretary:

“Debra Haaland’s confirmation as our next interior secretary is historic, groundbreaking, and sets a new standard for American government. We are elated to have a highly qualified Native citizen serve in the Biden-Harris Cabinet. Thanks to the voters, organizers, and all those who got involved, we celebrate this day and look toward the future with great optimism.

“President Biden is committed to addressing the four intersecting challenges our nation faces today; COVID-19, an economic recession, the fight for racial equity, and climate change. We have no time to waste when it comes to taking action to protect public lands, the environment, and Americans’ lives and futures.

“We are confident Secretary Debra Haaland will carry out President Biden and Vice President Harris’s vision for a Department of Interior that honors our values, leads with compassion and understanding, and embraces positive changes for the next seven generations to come.

“Congratulations and we have your back, Madam Secretary — now let’s get to work!”