DNC on 100 Days to the General Election

Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez released the following statement marking 100 days until the 2020 presidential election:

“We are 100 days from the most important election of our lifetimes, and the choice ahead of us couldn’t be clearer. For nearly four years, Donald Trump has broken one promise after another, leaving working families to pick up the pieces. His incompetence allowed this pandemic to spiral out of control, cost nearly 150,000 lives, and sparked the most devastating economic meltdown since the Great Depression.

“We need a president with the experience, mettle, and empathy to lead us out of this unprecedented crisis — a leader of character and compassion. Now more than ever, we need Joe Biden in the White House.

“Joe Biden has spent more than half a century standing up for those who need it the most – for the union worker fighting for a better wage, for the student marching to end gun violence, for the woman working to stop domestic abuse, for the peaceful protestor speaking out against police brutality, for the LGBTQ+ activist pushing for the full equality they deserve, for the Dreamer building a life in the country they call home. And he will continue to be their champion in the Oval Office.

“But this election is about more than Joe Biden and Donald Trump. It’s also about two competing visions of America. When Trump launched his campaign 5 years ago, it began a dark era for our country. But in November, we will begin a new era – an era of justice and equality for all, economic prosperity and opportunity for all; an era of bold American leadership that tackles the existential threat of climate change; an era where our nation’s strength is not defined by the size of our tanks or the beating of our chests but by the compassion and dignity we show each other and the world. Those are the American people’s values. Those are the Democratic Party’s values. And those are the values that must win out on Election Day.

“That’s why Democrats aren’t taking anything for granted. Across the country, we’ve made historic, early investments in the organizing, communications, and voter protection infrastructure we’ll need to elect Vice President Biden alongside Democrats up and down the ballot. With 100 days left, the Democratic Party is energized, united, and prepared to bring an end to the most disastrous presidency in our history.”