DNC on 100 Million Americans Receiving Direct Checks Via The American Rescue Plan

DNC Chair Jaime Harrison released the following statement on the news that more than 100 million Americans have received their stimulus checks:

“Earlier this month, President Biden made a bold promise to the American people: he would administer 100 million vaccines and put checks in the pockets of 100 million Americans. As of today, President Biden has accomplished both. As a result of this massive accomplishment, all across the country, families are waking up with as much as $1,400 per person to help them put food on the table, keep the lights on, catch up on household payments, and so much more.

“The coronavirus pandemic still isn’t over, and American families are still working to recover, but thanks to the leadership of President Biden and the hard work of Democrats, Americans are receiving an unprecedented level of relief to help them get through this.

“And it happened because President Biden listened to what the American people wanted and needed, and worked closely with Democrats to make it a reality. That wasn’t the case with Republicans, who instead chose to play political games instead of delivering on the aid their own constituents needed. So while families know that help is here, they also know who to thank for it — President Biden and Democrats.”

Americans across the country have said getting their stimulus checks will help them a lot. 

Unemployed cancer survivor: “I just immediately got online and paid every bill I had and got caught up for the first time in months.”

Unemployed Arizona mother: “I desperately, desperately need this help…I’m almost in tears already. I just wanna, I just wanna feel relaxed.”

Unemployed Nevada resident: “Yeah, that check’s gonna help a lot.”

Ohio small business owner: “The past year was a big struggle, so any help is great help. So, this will go a long, long way.”

Florida small business owner: “I’m so happy they’re doing this again. I’m very thankful for the government when they step up to the plate and we can get the help.”

Arizona residents: “President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan on March 11, which will go a long way to helping defeat the pandemic once and for all.”

Arkansas resident: “It has kept a roof over my head and kept my lights on.”