DNC on 30th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act

DNC Chair Tom Perez and former Rep. Tony Coelho, Chair of the DNC Disability Council and the primary sponsor of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), released the following statement celebrating the 30th anniversary of the ADA:

“Thirty years ago, Congress signed into law the most significant piece of civil rights legislation in disability rights history, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). On the 30th anniversary of this law, we both celebrate this momentous milestone and honor the ongoing work of disability rights advocates to protect and advance the rights of over 60 million Americans with disabilities.

“The Democratic Party steadfastly believes that discrimination based on disability status has no place in America. Three decades ago, the Americans with Disabilities Act codified the protection of disability rights: the right to access public spaces, the right to access transportation, and the right to nondiscrimination in employment.

“But the Trump Administration and Republicans in Congress have tried again and again to roll back the ADA’s major provisions and protections. Republican attempts to dismantle the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid — some of which have been successfully blocked by members of the disability community — are an insult to dignity and common decency. We simply cannot afford any more assaults on the fundamental legislation, programs, and systems in place that provide access to health care and expand opportunity for millions of Americans with disabilities.

“Republicans in Congress and in the Trump Administration have also worked tirelessly to restrict the educational rights of students with disabilities. They’ve even attempted to deport immigrants with disabilities receiving life-saving treatment under deferred action status. The cruelty of this administration truly knows no bounds. And now, as we face an unprecedented pandemic, President Trump’s failure of leadership has contributed to the deaths of nearly 150,000 Americans, including tens of thousands of people with disabilities in nursing homes.

“The Democratic Party will continue to work in solidarity to fight off these attacks on the lives and liberties of Americans with disabilities. We are committed to electing a president who believes in disability rights and whose administration will work with the disability community to advance progressive policies. Under Joe Biden’s leadership, we will renew our commitment to fulfilling the promises of the ADA for all Americans.”