DNC on AG Barr’s Decision To Hold Asylum Seekers Indefinitely

DNC Chair Tom Perez issued the following statement on AG Barr’s decision to allow the Trump administration to hold asylum seekers indefinitely without due process:


“This is the latest assault by the Trump administration on families fleeing violence and poverty in their home countries. Instead of addressing the root causes of the humanitarian crisis in Central America and at our border, Trump continues to push his cruel and unconstitutional agenda. Such fearmongering is nothing more than an attempt to punish asylum-seeking families and distract the American people from how Trump’s policies are hurting working families every day.


“It’s clear the Trump administration has no interest in fixing our immigration system. Unlike Trump and Republicans in Congress, Democrats believe diversity and compassion are our nation’s greatest strengths. We believe in working to end the violence that has caused so many to flee their homes. And we will continue fighting for the dignity and security that these families deserve.”