DNC on Anniversary of the Olmstead Decision

DNC Disability Council Chair Tony Coelho released the following statement on the 19th  anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Olmstead decision:


“Nineteen years ago in the Olmstead decision, the Supreme Court held that under the Americans With Disabilities Act, individuals with disabilities have the right to receive their services and supports in a community-based setting, where they can work, participate, and be an integral part of their communities.


“The choice to live in the community is one of our most important civil rights, and it is under attack from the Trump administration and congressional Republicans. Earlier this year, Republicans in Congress voted to undermine the critical protections of the ADA that allow millions of Americans to live independently with meaningful access to jobs, businesses, and educational opportunities.


“While we have made progress toward equal inclusion for all Americans with disabilities, the harsh reality is that many individuals are still denied their right to live in the least restrictive environment and are unnecessarily segregated in institutions and nursing homes. That’s why Democrats are fighting to protect the promise of Olmstead by ensuring that all Americans, including individuals with disabilities, have every chance to enjoy a dignified quality of life. And we will never stop working to fulfill the great goals of the ADA: equal opportunity, full participation, independent living, and economic self-sufficiency for all Americans.”