DNC on April Jobs Report

DNC Chair Jaime Harrison released the following statement in response to the April jobs report:

“Today’s job report confirms President Biden’s economic agenda is working. We have experienced 12 straight months of job gains above 400,000, over eight million jobs created since President Biden took office, and the unemployment rate remains near historic lows. Because President Biden and Democrats delivered the American Rescue Plan and got Americans vaccinated, which every single Republican in Congress voted against, our country is bouncing back with historic economic growth. 

“While Republicans rally around an ultra-MAGA agenda to raise taxes on the American people, end the Medicare and Social Security guarantees, increase health care costs, and vote against capping insulin prices, Democrats are fighting to lower costs for hardworking families across the country. The difference could not be more clear, and this November, every Republican lawmaker will have to answer for turning their backs on the American people.”