DNC on Arizona GOP’s Efforts to Prevent Secretary of State Katie Hobbs from Protecting AZ Voters

As Republicans in the Arizona state legislature move forward with a bill to strip Secretary of State Katie Hobbs of her ability to defend election lawsuits until near the end of her term in 2023, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison released the following statement:

“Let’s be clear: Arizona Republicans are lashing out at an outstanding public servant who has worked tirelessly to defend Arizona voters from attacks on their voting rights.

“These proposed restrictions are unjustifiable and undemocratic, and state lawmakers should immediately reject this overtly political attempt to prevent Secretary Hobbs from doing her job.

“While Republicans work to impose Jim Crow-style laws across the country and hobble election officials from administering fair elections, Democrats will use every tool in our toolbox to defend the right to vote and stop the GOP from these brazen attacks on our democracy.”