DNC on Arizona Primaries

Following a successful primary night in Arizona, DNC Chair Tom Perez released the following statement:  


“Congratulations to Arizona Democrats on a successful primary night, nominating formidable candidates up and down the ticket. The momentum Arizona Democrats have going into the November elections is real. Earlier this year, Democrats closed a 20-point gap in the Arizona 8th special election, and Democratic turnout across the state continues to send Republicans into a panic. It’s easy to see why; while Republicans are engaging in vicious and personal primary attacks, Democrats are running on issues that matter to working families, like raising wages and increasing access to affordable health care and quality education.


“Unfortunately, Republicans simply haven’t learned their lesson – Arizonans are sick and tired of politicians like Doug Ducey and Martha McSally who will say or do anything to get elected. It’s not lost on Arizonans that Ducey and McSally were absent during the Red for Ed battle, when teachers fought for and won hard-earned pay increases, nor is it lost on them that Ducey and McSally are embracing the most extreme elements of the Trump agenda, like reducing access to health care or cutting funding for public education. Arizonans know what good leadership looks like, and Doug Ducey and Martha McSally aren’t it. We look forward to electing David Garcia, Kyrsten Sinema, and other Democrats up and down the ballot.”