DNC on Betsy DeVos’s NHGOP Fundraiser

DNC Northeast Press Secretary Elizabeth Renda released the following statement on Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s closed press fundraiser for the New Hampshire GOP in Atkinson tonight:


“The New Hampshire Republican Party has good reason to hold tonight’s fundraiser with Betsy DeVos behind closed doors, far from the scrutiny of Granite Staters or the press. DeVos, who has never worked in, attended, or sent her children to a public school, has devoted her life to ​undermining ​public education in America. Since becoming Trump’s Education Secretary, she has been an unmitigated disaster for New Hampshire students and families, yet Governor Sununu has had her back every step of the way.


“Sununu went as far as writing a letter urging DeVos’s confirmation in the Senate, then​ he went on to make school vouchers a top priority in the last legislative session. While Sununu's school voucher bill would have undoubtedly served as a model for DeVos's school voucher initiative, the bill failed not once, not twice, but three times.


“The willingness of Sununu and the state GOP to embrace DeVos and her dangerous policies that hurt New Hampshire students and schools is shameful. Come November, voters will send a clear message about the New Hampshire Republican Party’s decisions to put Trump administration appointees and their misplaced priorities ahead of the needs of Granite State families.”