DNC on Betsy DeVos’s Visit to Pennsylvania

DNC Northeast Press Secretary Elizabeth Renda released the following statement ahead of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s appearance at Pfeiffer-Burleigh Elementary School in Erie with Republican Rep. Mike Kelly:


“Betsy DeVos should not expect a warm welcome when she descends on Erie today to tout this administration’s dangerous education policies that hurt Pennsylvania students and families. DeVos, who has never worked in, attended, or sent her children to a public school, has devoted her life to ​undermining ​public education in America. Since becoming Donald Trump’s Education Secretary, DeVos has proven time and again that she is wholly unqualified to lead our nation’s public education system, and that she has an embarrassing lack of understanding about education policy and an open disdain for the public school system. The willingness of Mike Kelly and Pennsylvania Republicans to embrace DeVos and her out-of-touch policies that hurt the state’s students and schools is shameful. This November, voters will send a clear message to Pennsylvania Republicans and their  decisions to put Trump administration appointees and their misplaced priorities ahead of the needs of Pennsylvania families.”