DNC on Black Women’s Equal Pay Day

In commemoration of Black Women’s Equal Pay Day, DNC Political and Organizing Director Amanda Brown Lierman released the following statement:

“Today is Black Women’s Equal Pay Day – a day that serves as a reminder that a black woman must work about 200 days more to earn the same amount as the average man did the previous year.  Black women have historically had a much steeper hill to climb than their peers, and today serves as a troubling reminder of just how massive America’s racial income gap remains.

“Black women are powerhouses in today’s economy and deserve every single penny that their work is worth.  Not only are black women now the most educated group in the country, we are one of the most represented groups in the workforce and politically active groups.  We call on the White House and Congress to close the racial income gap and empower the women who do so much to better our country, yet continue to have the cards stacked against them.

“At the DNC, we believe that black women are undoubtedly at the core of our party, and we are committed to making their voices heard across the country.”