DNC on César Chávez Day

On César Chávez Day, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison, DNC Hispanic Caucus Chair Iris Martinez, and DNC Labor Council Chair Stuart Appelbaum released the following statement:

“Today and every day, we honor César Chávez’s inspirational legacy. His dedication and commitment improved the lives of farmworkers and working people across the country. He fought tirelessly for labor law reform and ensured that workers could have basic human rights and protections, were treated with dignity, and received recognition for their contributions.

“Under the leadership of President Biden, Democrats are carrying the torch on behalf of César Chávez and his mission. President Biden is fighting for working people by growing the economy from the middle out and bottom up. As the most pro-union president in American history, he protected millions of union workers’ pensions, strengthened workers’ right to organize, and proudly stood on the picket line with the United Auto Workers, as the first sitting president to ever do so. While Donald Trump spent four years in office undermining unions and cutting taxes for large corporations, President Biden is prioritizing workers and putting people above corporate greed. 

“Today, we are reminded of the values César Chávez embodied, the vision of freedom he fought for, and his commitment to justice and dignity – one that we must uphold every day. As long as Democrats are in office, César Chávez’s legacy lives on and workers nationwide can count on having pro-union, pro-worker leaders fighting hard on their behalf. This November, workers’ rights are on the ballot, and it is imperative that when we vote, we do so for a future that would make César Chávez proud.”